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She’s No Longer Silent

Jan 20, 2020

I’m no longer silent, but I do not scream.

When I first approached Golden Brick Road Publishing House about a potential for a co-authored book I wanted to lead, I was nervous. Not for my lack of ability in leading a group of writers and creating a book that can ignite the world, but for my personal voice on the topic of mental health.

Or as I like to call it, mental wellness.

When we launched the concept of the book and opened it to the public in search of co-authors with stories that could create a platform for a collective voice, the flood of inquiries was incredible. The consensus among all interested parties was “This book has been a long time coming, and needs to happen.“, along with “I want to be involved with this stigma-shattering book, I have a story to share.

One by one, we met with women from all over Canada and the US for online meetings to discuss their potential involvement – It was time for their voices to be heard. In fact, when we would present the name for the upcoming book in public, She’s No Longer Silent, it was always met with this collective jaw drop of “I want to read this book when it’s completed.

What happened next, we didn’t see coming.

In the hopes of creating a platform, a community and an empowering safe space for women to speak up, we didn’t realize that there would be a barrier for women to actually put pen to paper. They have struggled and suffered through silence – how did we not see that this would be difficult for them to actually participate in, and put themselves out there in a published book? We struggled at the infancy of this project, not with a lack of interest in joining our goal of creating a book about speaking out, but with finding women who were actually ready to no longer be silent.

Although a barrier, this did not deter us.

We persevered, took different approaches and marched on.

That’s why when I say I’m so proud of this book and all the brave women who wrote their stories down, it’s so much more than a statement. They are taking a chance, they are standing up, they are finding their voice and they are doing it for you: the reader. The one who is ready to hear it and is ready to honor their own voice.

She’s No Longer Silent is on its way and it’s officially in pre-order.

Available for pre-order right now, available from authors in Spring 2020 and available on Amazon in Fall 2020.

Let the celebrations begin.



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