Day one of the State of Emergency |

Day one of the State of Emergency

Mar 18, 2020

During this time
This time of uncertainty
This time of instability
And this time of unimaginable versatility
We find ourselves, connected.

There is a connectedness in our isolation.
Although we are called to make some drastic and fearful decisions, there is comfort in knowing we are all in this together. Not just in our streets, in our communities, or our countries – but on our mother earth.

On this planet, we are witnessing something at the same time. And for the first time in history, we are able to see in real-time what the other side of the planet is doing and feeling too.

Our connectedness is what is going to keep us strong.

Although we are called to be in isolation, we have means for continuous connection as social beings. You, there, reading these words from me, the writer, over here. The fact that you are reading this shows how connected we can be and the power of continuing to do so through the means that our fellow humans have created for us.

As I live in Ontario, Canada, many things have been moving and evolving quickly. I am grateful to those who are out there, working, keeping us safe, saving those who need help, adding policies, making changes and everything else in between. I am so grateful for my fellow humans today, as I am in self-isolation and can’t contribute much more than that. I am witnessing so many closings, so many small businesses struggling to survive and everyone doing their best to adapt through the turbulence. Watching people’s hard work, dedication, passion, and creativity slapped with a “closed” sign is difficult to see, but absolutely necessary. Conflicted emotions run rampant these days.

There is so much I want to say, so much I want to express and so much to witness. For now, tomorrow is a new day.

I will be connecting here daily, in this journal space, because as a writer this is how I process. And maybe you, as a reader, will be able to process along with me.

If you enjoy my writing and are looking to support, please have a look at my current offering where I send you a mental health and mindfulness based email every Monday morning, to enjoy more of my writing and start our week off together.



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