Video Chat Trivia Game Questions During Self Isolation |

Video Chat Trivia Game Questions During Self Isolation

Mar 20, 2020

I get it. I’m with you. Socialization is a part of our human nature and it’s challenging during this isolation.

That’s why I’ve been hanging out with friends and family via video chats and having a lot of fun doing it. It’s Friday night, so I decided to host a trivia game night (BYOB… and everything else) to raise our spirits.

It’s not much, but seeing familiar faces and sharing some laughs really helps in the isolation. One thing I noticed with online hangouts with large groups of family and friends, is the time delay and easy-to-talk-over-each other issues make for choppy flow. So I came up with the idea of hosting an online trivia game for everyone to keep everyone motivated. Family and friends have started to look forward to it too!

What you need:
– Online video service of your choice for everyone to use. I have an account with Zoom. The host will be the one sending the online chat link to everyone.
– All participants attend online hangout with a marker and paper for writing answers.
– One moderator who can research trivia game questions, ask the questions, send the invite link, etc. You can take turns hosting!

During the game, the moderator/host will ask the questions. After a few moments, do a 5-second count down and on saying “five”, all participants hold up their answers to the camera at the same time! The host will keep score of points and who got each question correct.

The winner is announced when you are done the game and tally the points!
It’s been a fun way to hangout and laugh through things with family and friends, while also giving the hangout purpose.

Here are a few links to some of the questions I used!


Hope this helps give you some inspiration for spending quality time with friends and family during self-isolation. Let me know if you found any other fun games that I can share!



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