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Where the Wild Readers are…

Apr 2, 2020

I have news…

Many lessons mean many opportunities to let go. These days (non covid related), I live my life pretty simply. Full of adventure, but grounded at every turn. Over the last few years, I’ve embraced my introverted and introspective self – and I couldn’t be happier.

With Unleashing Her Wild‘s successful launch and She’s No Longer Silent launch on the way, it was time for me to jump in with full force and publish my first solo book. But I have a secret… it’s different. Way different.

With these circumstances (covid related), I know that words can be just as powerful through e-books. With uncertainty in the air, physical copies may not be a priority but creative flow and dedicated art do not have to stop. I will be publishing my first solo book in Fall 2020, no matter what form it needs to come in (print, e-book, and audio). But like I said, it’s different. It will be a book that is guided on the principles of mindfulness practices, letting go, and creating a life you love.

If you are interested in finding out the details of this book, what it’s all about and how it’s way different than anything I’ve ever written: I’ll be sending an email to those who want to keep posted. Click here if you want to be in the loop: https://mailchi.mp/49fe7a21ddbc/wildreaders

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