The Official Announcement: New Book launching soon. |

The Official Announcement: New Book launching soon.

Apr 18, 2020

If you’ve been following me on my latest journey, you’ll know that I will be publishing a book soon. This will be my first solo book and third publishing endeavor overall. I’m a co-author in two books (one published last year and one currently in pre-sales). I announced details two days ago for my private readers, those who follow me and receive emails here, and now it’s time to make the official announcement on my website.

The book that I am in the midst of finishing, is a poetry book. This is unlike anything I’ve ever published or commercially announced. Although very different, the elements of my writing remain the same: grounded in mindfulness and expressive in showing others how to create a life they love.

So why did I choose poetry?

I didn’t exactly choose it, it came effortlessly through my writing. I’ve been really diving into writing as an art and a craft, and what came through was a series of words grouped together into short lines. Free verse poetry was the result.

Poetry is also a way for me to express and teach, while the writer can interpret and experience – all without me preaching. I felt that this was a perfect space for me to continue my writing about mindfulness, personal development, and living joyfully. A place for the reader to dive into a meditative journey with my words. The grounded nature of poetry is the perfect place for me to dive in deeper with my writing, with the reader reaping the benefits.

As of yesterday, I have approved the book cover design. Just typing those words out gives me energy. I am so aligned with the result and the intention that will come together with the entire book. This is an exciting time, and you’re here alongside me. Thank you for being here.

I will be unveiling the book cover in the next few days, so make sure to stay connected by becoming a Wild Reader.



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