Last days of summer – a slow living diary

What a perfectly wonderful weekend of doing nothing. Sometimes I find settling into doing nothing, just as pleasant as an adventure packed day.

Ryan and I spent the weekend in the woods by the sea, with fur kids in tow. My goal was to keep things simple this weekend, so for food I went shopping in our supplies. I grabbed meats and protein from our freezer, and brought fresh sauces and bread. On Friday, I whipped up a tomato sauce, pesto and sausage bread to bring along. The tomatoes were harvested from my garden (they would have spoiled if I waited another day), and the pesto was made from celery leaves that were starting to wilt. I like cooking and baking on a whim, when items are telling me it’s their time. I also could have purchased these items from the store for the weekend, but I like hobbies that are creative yet productive. Making items from scratch double as needed for nourishment and an activity for me.

We hit the road with our fur kids and provisions – and followed the sunshine breeze.

The weekend was a mixture of re-filled cups of tea, the sound of crickets and cicadas, paired with the hum of waves. Evenings were spent by the campfire, sipping on a newly gifted whiskey. Our goal was to do nothing, nap, and breathe in the air.

Summer is great and I fantasize about it during the winter months, but there is nothing on this earth like a true autumn – and I am a child in excitement waiting for its arrival. I may have even spotted a slight discoloring of leaves amoung a few treetops, and I did not hesitate showing Ryan.

I love spending my entire weekend in the tone of a quintessential lazy Sunday, and this past one did not disappoint. Barefoot in the grass and cup of tea in hand, I am welcoming the week ahead.

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