A simple autumn cottage bedroom

We have a tiny cottage by the sea, and it serves us perfectly. The sound of waves, surrounded by trees, and a little cottage with all you need. There is just the right amount of room for a bed in each chamber, strictly for slumber, as the days are filled with the outdoors. September is here and I did not hesitate to change the bedding, linen and pillow coverings.

It was time for the colours and textures to change from airy and light, to thick and warm. A tender time of year, anticipating the change in the air. It is not the rebirth of spring, nor the growth of summer, it is the slow down and preparedness of autumn.

Just the simple swaps brought the ambiance I hoped for, and new hanging of autumn foliage in thrifted frames to bring it all together. I will most likely continue to modify and add, but just getting it started was the warmth I craved.

Even my hooks were no match for staying as they were. A branch I found on the beach three years ago, during our first steps in the sand, hangs as tribute to all we strived for. Out with the summer colours and light linens, in with the wool and foraging basket!

Tiny houses call for tiny storage. This apple crate is perfect for housing my blankets (one can never have too many, just as in slippers). Swapping out pinks, whites and greys – I added reds, oranges and plaid to the room. Penny is never far: curious as ever and wanting to help of course.

Two of the three fur kids were helping me along the way. Testing out the new bedding and letting me know their thoughts.

I like to bring my house decor through the seasons, and with fabric is my way. A few fallen leaves, pine cones, and branches – the outdoors always show me the way. This is my home’s welcomed embrace to change. Hello dear friend, I’ve been expecting you.

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