The cooler days arrive

We were gifted the most perfect cool September 1st as if the date itself wasn’t already a treat.

Since that date, now the 21st, it has been a lie to yourself in putting on a morning sweater, since the days brought beach weather. But here we are again on this most perfect autumn equinox day. The wind is howling, making trees dance their biggest number of the year. That cool crispness is back and halfway through my walk to town, I shudder to think I forgot my scarf. My cheeks rosy and my ears red, I smile as winds shake leaves from their summer homes.

The coffee shop welcomes crowds, with no ice on the menu. Spice in their cups and knits on their backs, we all nod and know it’s here. The time that brings comfort rather than heat, and layers rather than lightness. Dare-I rush home to open my windows?

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