A Winter’s Journal Entry

Yesterday we had one of those perfect snowfalls. It fell like feathers and stacked tightly upon itself. The bare branches held their white glow overnight and into today. Although the clouds have passed into memory, the wind has now come along to knock off resting dust, giving us miniature snowfalls against the blue January sky. The woodpile in our backyard is getting lower as we ramp up our fires inside, and the kitchen smells of stewing spices. Winter is in full force and it’s a season of gifts just like any other.

The day started just like any other, but as time went on I started making simple mistakes, stubbing my toe, and not quite getting dinner right. Perfect though the snowfall may have been, things do not always go as planned. I’m reminded of that today. So I paired back, stopped trying to push productivity, and simply accepted that my plan for today wasn’t happening. Not all plans have to be followed through on, and sometimes it’s okay to postpone until tomorrow. Seasons teach me that the unpredictability of a well-laid plan is always in the cards.

Tomorrow is a new day and tonight is an opportunity for a reset. Until then, I continue to admire the perfect fallen snow on the bare branches of Winter.

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