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I’ve been published in two co-authored books, I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of freelance copy, content, blogs (you name it)! And in the background, there I was, just introspectively jotting down things that made me smile. Things that flowed through my hands. Things I didn’t have to think about. Just for me.

I wrote for a co-authored book and I was even the leader/writing coach for a second. In fact, the entire concept of the second co-authored book was created by me. I knew going into those projects that I wasn’t going to fulfill the inner desire of authorship, but that it would be more like schooling or an internship. I knew that joining those projects would get my feet wet. The publishing industry is elusive… much like the recording industry, the art industry, the influencer industry (remember when it all started with blogging and no one would share how they were making an income with it?), and all other creative industries. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have learned more about publishing, becoming an author, and what it all takes. Those experiences were an important first step.

Well since then, as you can imagine, I’ve been procrastinating (or fearful, but aren’t they the same?) and not doing the thing I most wanted. I wanted to write and publish books on my own.

So here I am!

My first co-authored book was published in 2019, my second in 2020, and my first debut poetry book is about to be published on May 15th, 2021. I think I’m seeing a pattern here. Just when I think I haven’t been firmly pursuing my goals, I read that sentence back and see delight in my steps. I’m doing the things!

So I’d like to formally introduce you to SHE MADE WAVES: to live a life of delight

This is a book of poetry written from 2019 to early 2020 (yep, before it all happened). When I compiled everything, I saw a pattern.. a story… and outline. I actually saw a journey.

She Made Waves is a poetry journey to live a life of delight through mindfulness, lessons, acceptance, letting go, desire, and being.

I am equally excited and scared. I have no idea what May 15th and beyond will bring, but I’m grateful for it. I won’t know anything and will remain in a fearful state unless I try. So here I go.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Your attention and time mean a lot. If you are interested in helping me get to a best-seller list (every single purchase counts – trust me), you can click here to sign up and find out when the pre-sale launches (pssst, it’s May 1st!). I’ll be sending out the details for those who want to get their hands on a mindful poetry book.

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t blog a lot but I do like to update with some poetry here and there. I mostly open up and share to my email subscription readers. They are my Wild Readers. They know what’s going on and when I have new updates. If you’d like to become one, I’d love for you to follow along.

Thank you again. Thank you for reading. Thank you for taking time out of your day. Thank you for witnessing this new big step of mine.

Thank you.

Flow through the haze
Flow through with ease
The sun rises
And so, the moon
The fog will fall
Becoming dew
To feed fauna

For writer’s sake
I am not what I mean.
When you awake
And I am me
Will you and I forsake?

For new and old, or once came and gone
a place that knows no boundaries.
Although a floating land they say
grounded in its stories.

Will you let your footprints taint
of what has always been?
And where do you stand when Winter comes
the air of solitude.

Its people will stay and play
honouring its lasting span.
Do you thank the snapshot filter
or condemn it ever was?

There is a give and take for peace
when two can come as one.

And me, my own
My soul’s embrace
To walk through fire
At my own pace
To see the birth
Upon my face
Would help me stand
In time and place.

I speak in riddles
For folklore’s tale
Of riches beyond
Our human scale
But what we know
Is just a drop
As I swim in its pale.

Why does the eath turn
And bees sting?
Why do the seas sigh
And humans sing?

There is no reason in perfection
or imperfection in its reason.

We come and go
Amongst the tides
As stories told
We are what lies.

There are more uncertainties than answers right now, but know that you aren’t alone in it. When we focus our attention on our connectedness rather than our lack, we can set a path for ourselves. It’s not easy, but it’s a choice that is in our control. Our certainty in uncertain times can rest in our power over our own thoughts. We have to right to choose how we want to feel. (that doesn’t mean it’s easy).

Self-isolation and social distancing: these are all terms I had never heard of before, nor did I think I would ever use – and now are all too emersed in our collective vocabularies. Oddly, as part introverted, I may find a bit of comfort in them – and my extroverted part enjoyed an online beer and pizza party with my friends via video chats last night. Oh, the places you’ll go (or rather stay) in 2020. The global consensus is that this will pass. Our worry is “when, and how much will change by then?

I thought I would share a journal prompt for today, a cool cloudy Wednesday morning while I sip tea and take time to write (as a deliberate choice for grounding normalcy and mental health) during a global pandemic in my province’s state of emergency in Canada. I am not letting my anxiety grow, I am compassionately trusting in people, systems, governments, humanity, and myself.

So, I choose to write.
I write to choose my emotions.

Join me?

  1. What am I currently in control of at this moment, this minute, during this very second?
  2. How can I channel my emotions toward something that will positively serve me and those around me today?
  3. What support do I personally need, so I can be of best service to myself and my community (in a social-distancing capacity)? And how can I (even in a small way) receive it?
  4. What is one thing that I am grateful for today?

Writing is soothing to me. It’s a practice and a ritual all at once. I hope you find comfort and grounding in it as I do. #Writetochoose and choose to point your arrow in the direction you want.

Pointing your arrow in the direction you want, good or bad, has led you to where you are today. Where your arrow is currently pointing, is where you will be tomorrow. You are the archer and all you have is right now.

Do you want to be healing, or do you want to be healthy?

There is power in position, language, and intention. Where you direct your energy and your thought patterns is a direct reflection of your current state or soon-to-be state.

You hold the arrow, no one else.

So I ask again: Do you want to fight, heal and overcome or do you want to be in a state of health, wellness, and alignment?

Is your arrow pointed at the storyline or the happy ending?


Everyone has the ability to harness it,
everyone has the ability to access it,
and everyone’s lives, moments and seconds
can be instantly improved by it.


Everyone has the ability for it to take over
everyone has the ability to lose it,
and everyone’s lives, moments and seconds
can instantly be ruined by it.

So which perspective are you after?
Which perspective are you pointing your arrow toward?

There is honour in understanding,
but there is peace in perspective.

How do you access perspective?
The moments in between.
The moment between the action and the reaction.
The listening to your inner peace and letting go of your inner ego.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace?

Which part of yourself are you feeding?


Sometimes it’s time for a change. Sometimes it’s time for a fresh start. And sometimes it’s okay to let go of the old.

Welcome to the new website, where this new chapter will take place. Follow along to keep posted, follow on social to be up to date and come say hi in person at the next event.

I’m excited and thrilled that you’re here. I’m elated that I’m here with you.

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