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I speak in riddles
For folklore’s tale
Of riches beyond
Our human scale
But what we know
Is just a drop
As I swim in its pale.

Why does the eath turn
And bees sting?
Why do the seas sigh
And humans sing?

There is no reason in perfection
or imperfection in its reason.

We come and go
Amongst the tides
As stories told
We are what lies.

If you’ve been following me on my latest journey, you’ll know that I will be publishing a book soon. This will be my first solo book and third publishing endeavor overall. I’m a co-author in two books (one published last year and one currently in pre-sales). I announced details two days ago for my private readers, those who follow me and receive emails here, and now it’s time to make the official announcement on my website.

The book that I am in the midst of finishing, is a poetry book. This is unlike anything I’ve ever published or commercially announced. Although very different, the elements of my writing remain the same: grounded in mindfulness and expressive in showing others how to create a life they love.

So why did I choose poetry?

I didn’t exactly choose it, it came effortlessly through my writing. I’ve been really diving into writing as an art and a craft, and what came through was a series of words grouped together into short lines. Free verse poetry was the result.

Poetry is also a way for me to express and teach, while the writer can interpret and experience – all without me preaching. I felt that this was a perfect space for me to continue my writing about mindfulness, personal development, and living joyfully. A place for the reader to dive into a meditative journey with my words. The grounded nature of poetry is the perfect place for me to dive in deeper with my writing, with the reader reaping the benefits.

As of yesterday, I have approved the book cover design. Just typing those words out gives me energy. I am so aligned with the result and the intention that will come together with the entire book. This is an exciting time, and you’re here alongside me. Thank you for being here.

I will be unveiling the book cover in the next few days, so make sure to stay connected by becoming a Wild Reader.

I did something that, in the grand scheme of things means nothing.
But in the world of having used social media for the last 15 years and focusing my businesses to rely on them, it’s a pretty big deal.

I’m Marie Kondo-ing my online presence and platforms and I feel fan-freaking-tastic about it.

I deleted my Youtube account.
I deleted my Facebook account.
I deleted my Facebook business pages.
I deleted every single photo I’ve ever posted on Instagram.
I deleted all story highlight on Instagram.


I guess, as I said, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things – especially in this current economic and global climate. It was something I felt pulled towards because I was relying too heavily on the outcome that social media was providing my businesses. I knew it was time, that I would feel lighter and freer to push my business and career goals even further, without a social media presence. I no longer rely on social media platforms for my personal and entrepreneurial outcomes. If any social media platform closed today, it would not change my operations.

I’ve been living and working in a photo by photo maze of worth and growth for my entire entrepreneurial career. I was ready for a change and surpass all previous goals.

If I am in a place where I am ready for my author career to flourish and for my words to make waves: how can I keep focussing my attention on posting a photo to (hopefully) grab someone’s attention, and (hopefully) the algorithm gods are aligned, and (hopefully) the photo will not just be liked (and my words will actually be received)?

By streamlining and aligning my business, I can keep things simple and clear. I want you to read my words as an experience, not as content consumption.

A quadruple bonus to all of this? I no longer have 15,000 ways for people to contact me. I have one: my email. Ahh, remember the days of simplicity and only checking your email for correspondence? Yep, I’m right back there and loving it.

The best part is I only come to my devices to write and build my business in one place – my website, nowhere else. No content, no keeping up, no shouting into the ethers. No more being noise, I’m here to make waves.

So what does this mean?

I’m no longer focusing on the C word: content. My writing is not content and I’m not treating like it is anymore. You’ll be able to find all of my writing right here on my website, in my published books, and in my emails to my Wild Readers. I’m going back to the beginning, back to where this all started.

Although the social media purge began as a way to streamline my author career, the ripple effect on my life was been just as valuable. Scrolling is gone, neck and finger pains are gone, my stress in social media responsibilities are gone, and my frustration with social media marketing outcomes are gone. My state of being is grounded in the lightness of letting go of old ways and old patterns.

Clean and simple – in life as well as in work.

So now, you know where to find me.

See you right back here,

I have news…

Many lessons mean many opportunities to let go. These days (non covid related), I live my life pretty simply. Full of adventure, but grounded at every turn. Over the last few years, I’ve embraced my introverted and introspective self – and I couldn’t be happier.

With Unleashing Her Wild‘s successful launch and She’s No Longer Silent launch on the way, it was time for me to jump in with full force and publish my first solo book. But I have a secret… it’s different. Way different.

With these circumstances (covid related), I know that words can be just as powerful through e-books. With uncertainty in the air, physical copies may not be a priority but creative flow and dedicated art do not have to stop. I will be publishing my first solo book in Fall 2020, no matter what form it needs to come in (print, e-book, and audio). But like I said, it’s different. It will be a book that is guided on the principles of mindfulness practices, letting go, and creating a life you love.

If you are interested in finding out the details of this book, what it’s all about and how it’s way different than anything I’ve ever written: I’ll be sending an email to those who want to keep posted. Click here if you want to be in the loop:

Photo by Lindsie Grey Photography

I get it. I’m with you. Socialization is a part of our human nature and it’s challenging during this isolation.

That’s why I’ve been hanging out with friends and family via video chats and having a lot of fun doing it. It’s Friday night, so I decided to host a trivia game night (BYOB… and everything else) to raise our spirits.

It’s not much, but seeing familiar faces and sharing some laughs really helps in the isolation. One thing I noticed with online hangouts with large groups of family and friends, is the time delay and easy-to-talk-over-each other issues make for choppy flow. So I came up with the idea of hosting an online trivia game for everyone to keep everyone motivated. Family and friends have started to look forward to it too!

What you need:
– Online video service of your choice for everyone to use. I have an account with Zoom. The host will be the one sending the online chat link to everyone.
– All participants attend online hangout with a marker and paper for writing answers.
– One moderator who can research trivia game questions, ask the questions, send the invite link, etc. You can take turns hosting!

During the game, the moderator/host will ask the questions. After a few moments, do a 5-second count down and on saying “five”, all participants hold up their answers to the camera at the same time! The host will keep score of points and who got each question correct.

The winner is announced when you are done the game and tally the points!
It’s been a fun way to hangout and laugh through things with family and friends, while also giving the hangout purpose.

Here are a few links to some of the questions I used!


Hope this helps give you some inspiration for spending quality time with friends and family during self-isolation. Let me know if you found any other fun games that I can share!

There are more uncertainties than answers right now, but know that you aren’t alone in it. When we focus our attention on our connectedness rather than our lack, we can set a path for ourselves. It’s not easy, but it’s a choice that is in our control. Our certainty in uncertain times can rest in our power over our own thoughts. We have to right to choose how we want to feel. (that doesn’t mean it’s easy).

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that yesterday was day one for me during this Ontario, Canada state of emergency. It’s day three of self-isolation and day 5 of social distancing. These are all terms I had never heard of before, nor did I think I would ever use – and now are all too emersed in our collective vocabularies. Oddly, as part introverted, I may find a bit of comfort in them, and my extroverted part enjoyed an online beer and pizza party with my friends via video chats last night. Oh, the places you’ll go (or rather stay) in 2020. The global consensus is that this will pass. Our worry is “when, and how much will change by then?

I thought I would share a journal prompt for today, a cool cloudy Wednesday morning while I sip tea and take time to write (as a deliberate choice for grounding normalcy and mental health) during a global pandemic in my province’s state of emergency in Canada. I am not letting my anxiety grow, I am compassionately trusting in people, systems, governments, humanity, and myself.

So, I choose to write.
I write to choose my emotions.

Join me?

  1. What am I currently in control of at this moment, this minute, during this very second?
  2. How can I channel my emotions toward something that will positively serve me and those around me today?
  3. What support do I personally need, so I can be of best service to myself and my community (in a social-distancing capacity)? And how can I (even in a small way) receive it?
  4. What is one thing that I am grateful for today?

Writing is soothing to me. It’s a practice and a ritual all at once. I hope you find comfort and grounding in it as I do. I’m using the hashtag #writetochoose if you’d like to follow along and inspire others to choose to point their arrow in the direction they want.

I am not promising miracles. I am not saying my situation is better or worse than yours, nor is this groundbreaking. I am simply writing to sprinkle even one drop of positivity into this collective right now. Because this is all I can do.

So I Write to Choose.

 My current offering, if you feel called to participate.

During this time
This time of uncertainty
This time of instability
And this time of unimaginable versatility
We find ourselves, connected.

There is a connectedness in our isolation.
Although we are called to make some drastic and fearful decisions, there is comfort in knowing we are all in this together. Not just in our streets, in our communities, or our countries – but on our mother earth.

On this planet, we are witnessing something at the same time. And for the first time in history, we are able to see in real-time what the other side of the planet is doing and feeling too.

Our connectedness is what is going to keep us strong.

Although we are called to be in isolation, we have means for continuous connection as social beings. You, there, reading these words from me, the writer, over here. The fact that you are reading this shows how connected we can be and the power of continuing to do so through the means that our fellow humans have created for us.

As I live in Ontario, Canada, many things have been moving and evolving quickly. I am grateful to those who are out there, working, keeping us safe, saving those who need help, adding policies, making changes and everything else in between. I am so grateful for my fellow humans today, as I am in self-isolation and can’t contribute much more than that. I am witnessing so many closings, so many small businesses struggling to survive and everyone doing their best to adapt through the turbulence. Watching people’s hard work, dedication, passion, and creativity slapped with a “closed” sign is difficult to see, but absolutely necessary. Conflicted emotions run rampant these days.

There is so much I want to say, so much I want to express and so much to witness. For now, tomorrow is a new day.

I will be connecting here daily, in this journal space, because as a writer this is how I process. And maybe you, as a reader, will be able to process along with me.

If you enjoy my writing and are looking to support, please have a look at my current offering where I send you a mental health and mindfulness based email every Monday morning, to enjoy more of my writing and start our week off together.

Pointing your arrow in the direction you want, good or bad, has led you to where you are today. Where your arrow is currently pointing, is where you will be tomorrow. You are the archer and all you have is right now.

Do you want to be healing, or do you want to be healthy?

There is power in position, language, and intention. Where you direct your energy and your thought patterns is a direct reflection of your current state or soon-to-be state.

You hold the arrow, no one else.

So I ask again: Do you want to fight, heal and overcome or do you want to be in a state of health, wellness, and alignment?

Is your arrow pointed at the storyline or the happy ending?

Photo courtesy of Golden Brick Road Publishing House

I’m no longer silent, but I do not scream.

When I first approached Golden Brick Road Publishing House about a potential for a co-authored book I wanted to lead, I was nervous. Not for my lack of ability in leading a group of writers and creating a book that can ignite the world, but for my personal voice on the topic of mental health.

Or as I like to call it, mental wellness.

When we launched the concept of the book and opened it to the public in search of co-authors with stories that could create a platform for a collective voice, the flood of inquiries was incredible. The consensus among all interested parties was “This book has been a long time coming, and needs to happen.“, along with “I want to be involved with this stigma-shattering book, I have a story to share.

One by one, we met with women from all over Canada and the US for online meetings to discuss their potential involvement – It was time for their voices to be heard. In fact, when we would present the name for the upcoming book in public, She’s No Longer Silent, it was always met with this collective jaw drop of “I want to read this book when it’s completed.

What happened next, we didn’t see coming.

In the hopes of creating a platform, a community and an empowering safe space for women to speak up, we didn’t realize that there would be a barrier for women to actually put pen to paper. They have struggled and suffered through silence – how did we not see that this would be difficult for them to actually participate in, and put themselves out there in a published book? We struggled at the infancy of this project, not with a lack of interest in joining our goal of creating a book about speaking out, but with finding women who were actually ready to no longer be silent.

Although a barrier, this did not deter us.

We persevered, took different approaches and marched on.

That’s why when I say I’m so proud of this book and all the brave women who wrote their stories down, it’s so much more than a statement. They are taking a chance, they are standing up, they are finding their voice and they are doing it for you: the reader. The one who is ready to hear it and is ready to honor their own voice.

She’s No Longer Silent is on its way and it’s officially in pre-order.

Available for pre-order right now, available from authors in Spring 2020 and available on Amazon in Fall 2020.

Let the celebrations begin.


Everyone has the ability to harness it,
everyone has the ability to access it,
and everyone’s lives, moments and seconds
can be instantly improved by it.


Everyone has the ability for it to take over
everyone has the ability to lose it,
and everyone’s lives, moments and seconds
can instantly be ruined by it.

So which perspective are you after?
Which perspective are you pointing your arrow toward?

There is honour in understanding,
but there is peace in perspective.

How do you access perspective?
The moments in between.
The moment between the action and the reaction.
The listening to your inner peace and letting go of your inner ego.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace?

Which part of yourself are you feeding?


Gone are the days where I used to dread Mondays.

Actually, I would wait for Fridays to come, and already feel sad by Saturday morning because it was only a matter of time before I had to go back to the drudgery.

The feeling of always being in a race against time was exhausting and I decided that it was no longer a way I wanted to live. I made the conscious decision to live in joy every day, with small practices to help me on my way.

One of the tools I use is Mindfulness and spending time in reflection, meditation or journaling. These small steps created change in my life, and I genuinely look forward to tomorrow, no matter what day of the week it is.

I want to share my Monday morning practice with you.

From a mindfulness prompt to a journaling exercise and a personal note form me – these are ways you can set the tone for your week and all it takes is 5 minutes.

5 minutes, repeatedly, every Monday morning for a ripple to turn into a wave.

Spend time with me, when it’s most convenient for you. You’ll receive an email in your inbox and take time for yourself to help you on your way for the rest of your week. Find out more about how you too can make a change in your life by clicking here.

Sometimes it’s time for a change. Sometimes it’s time for a fresh start. And sometimes it’s okay to let go of the old.

Welcome to the new website, where this new chapter will take place. Follow along to keep posted, follow on social to be up to date and come say hi in person at the next event.

I’m excited and thrilled that you’re here. I’m elated that I’m here with you.

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