And what is perfect? But a man-made concept, when it's the skies that dictate me.

Does no one else want to listen to the trees? The stories they tell and the secrets they hold? The wisdom of magic is firmly rooted, while their guidance is from the stars. What do they know that I don’t? They live in truth without the burden of tomorrow, yet show their leaves when storms […]

Listening to Trees

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Spring Equinox is here and as a perfect depiction of what is to come, the snow has begun to melt. Over the weekend I experienced white squalls in central Ontario, making Winter as real as mid-January weather in Canada. Much like this climate and as in life, what seemed affirmed one day is but a […]

The first day of Spring

A wayfarer’s nudge is incessant.Every need is soothed by a path that is mostly unknown.The road is their sanctuary, unneeding of answers.Perhaps proverbial, there is a calling they must meet.With feet as their guide, they set on the trail to bite into the adventure.Is a destination necessary when action is made, to answer innate freedom?The […]

Wayfarer’s Nudge

Another weekend in the woods for the books… but this one was different. I usually run to the woods to immerse myself in the indulgence of solitude, feeling more like myself in the dance of trees. I find peace in the quiet of being alone and charging my soul’s battery, but comradery is something that […]

Weekend in the Woods

Can you enjoy the passing of time?That is to say, the result of it? Often laid out, is the idea that only fresh and new is desirable when age is understood as tired. Can you enjoy the passing of time? Let it be your current age, your newfound wrinkles, or those greeted gray hairs. Perhaps […]

To Love the Passing of Time

Yesterday we had one of those perfect snowfalls. It fell like feathers and stacked tightly upon itself. The bare branches held their white glow overnight and into today. Although the clouds have passed into memory, the wind has now come along to knock off resting dust, giving us miniature snowfalls against the blue January sky. […]

A Winter’s Journal Entry

If only there were a way to bottle up this exact moment in autumn. We wait and wait for peak foliage, then, when it announces its beauty, we all know autumn is already leaving us. This year’s colours have been especially beautiful and vibrant in Ontario, a gift just for us from the earth. With […]

Autumn’s peak and departure

Why does the eath turnAnd bees sting?Why do the seas sighAnd humans sing? There is no reason in perfectionor imperfection in its reason. We come and goAmongst the tidesAs stories toldWe are what lies.


We were gifted the most perfect cool September 1st as if the date itself wasn’t already a treat. Since that date, now the 21st, it has been a lie to yourself in putting on a morning sweater, since the days brought beach weather. But here we are again on this most perfect autumn equinox day. […]

The cooler days arrive

We have a tiny cottage by the sea, and it serves us perfectly. The sound of waves, surrounded by trees, and a little cottage with all you need. There is just the right amount of room for a bed in each chamber, strictly for slumber, as the days are filled with the outdoors. September is […]

A simple autumn cottage bedroom

Simple cooking, for the working kitchen. This recipe made me chuckle this morning, because it was from an Instagram video, using a viral song that is making waves because of it’s heartfelt innocence of loving corn. I was inspired by this video and decided to build on top of the existing recipe, to put my […]

Rosemary Pumpkin Vegetable Soup

On rainy days, the townsfolk grow quiet, the gardens are thankful and candles glow in dimly-lit houses. The rain allows for calm, as an excuse for an otherwise constant hustle and bustle in households. There is a faint tapping on windows to remind my heart to follow its rhythm, while drops tickle pedals to show […]

Settling in rainy days

What a perfectly wonderful weekend of doing nothing. Sometimes I find settling into doing nothing, just as pleasant as an adventure packed day. Ryan and I spent the weekend in the woods by the sea, with fur kids in tow. My goal was to keep things simple this weekend, so for food I went shopping […]

Last days of summer – a slow living diary

For new and old, or once came and gonea place that knows no boundaries.Although a floating land they saygrounded in its stories. Will you let your footprints taintof what has always been?And where do you stand when Winter comesthe air of solitude. Its people will stay and playhonouring its lasting span.Do you thank the snapshot […]

Something in the air//

I am guided to decorate my home by the stories that a scratched-up wood desk can share with me. Although it is attempted to create decorative pieces that have been distressed, I can always tell that they are new, made to look old. That is desirable in its own way, but for me I cannot […]

Imperfect Home Beauty

In a world of commentary, why would I choose to do this? Because It’s about the book, not the typo. Today is the day that I received the first print copy of my debut poetry book. It just arrived in the mail and I was nervously excited. I opened the cardboard box to reveal the […]

It’s about the book, not the typo

I’ve been published in two co-authored books, I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of freelance copy, content, blogs (you name it)! And in the background, there I was, just introspectively jotting down things that made me smile. Things that flowed through my hands. Things I didn’t have to think about. Just for me. I wrote for […]

Kiki Carr: Debut Poetry Book

Flow through the hazeFlow through with easeThe sun risesAnd so, the moonThe fog will fallBecoming dewTo feed faunaBelow.

The Fog will Fall//

Sometimes,For writer’s sakeI am not what I mean.When you awakeAnd I am meWill you and I forsake?

Writer’s Sake//

And me, my ownMy soul’s embraceTo walk through fireAt my own paceTo see the birthUpon my faceWould help me standIn time and place.

Stand in Place//