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She's No Longer Silent
co-authored book

"What does it mean to be silent or silenced? What does it mean to create your personal power and speak up for the first time? Maybe it is finally time to make that change you have been dreaming of. Through our own journeys, we can learn from one another and assist in our own growth to find our voices."

"I am no longer silent, but I do not scream"
-Kiki Carr

"Finding Freedom by Setting Free the
Wild Child Within"
-Kiki Carr

“A collection of stories written by women who have found a deep connection to intuition and instinct: an almost primal feeling that has guided them to overcome incredible challenges with strength and grace."

Unleashing her Wild
co-authored book

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"Unleashing Her Wild"

PuRchase your Copy:  Click and search
"she's no longer silent"

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We are more
than the boxes we put ourseLves in.

 -kiki carr


Poetry book, coming soon.

This book is the guided experience of discovering how to live a life of delight. By reading these words, you embark on a meditative journey of poetry about mindfulness, lessons learned, letting go, and the art of being. 

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