And what is perfect? But a man-made concept, when it's the skies that dictate me.

We were gifted the most perfect cool September 1st as if the date itself wasn’t already a treat. Since that date, now the 21st, it has been a lie to yourself in putting on a morning sweater, since the days brought beach weather. But here we are again on this most perfect autumn equinox day. […]

The cooler days arrive

On rainy days, the townsfolk grow quiet, the gardens are thankful and candles glow in dimly-lit houses. The rain allows for calm, as an excuse for an otherwise constant hustle and bustle in households. There is a faint tapping on windows to remind my heart to follow its rhythm, while drops tickle pedals to show […]

Settling in rainy days

I am guided to decorate my home by the stories that a scratched-up wood desk can share with me. Although it is attempted to create decorative pieces that have been distressed, I can always tell that they are new, made to look old. That is desirable in its own way, but for me I cannot […]

Imperfect Home Beauty

In a world of commentary, why would I choose to do this? Because It’s about the book, not the typo. Today is the day that I received the first print copy of my debut poetry book. It just arrived in the mail and I was nervously excited. I opened the cardboard box to reveal the […]

It’s about the book, not the typo

I’ve been published in two co-authored books, I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of freelance copy, content, blogs (you name it)! And in the background, there I was, just introspectively jotting down things that made me smile. Things that flowed through my hands. Things I didn’t have to think about. Just for me. I wrote for […]

Kiki Carr: Debut Poetry Book