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Flow through the haze
Flow through with ease
The sun rises
And so, the moon
The fog will fall
Becoming dew
To feed fauna

For writer’s sake
I am not what I mean.
When you awake
And I am me
Will you and I forsake?

For new and old, or once came and gone
a place that knows no boundaries.
Although a floating land they say
grounded in its stories.

Will you let your footprints taint
of what has always been?
And where do you stand when Winter comes
the air of solitude.

Its people will stay and play
honouring its lasting span.
Do you thank the snapshot filter
or condemn it ever was?

There is a give and take for peace
when two can come as one.

And me, my own
My soul’s embrace
To walk through fire
At my own pace
To see the birth
Upon my face
Would help me stand
In time and place.

I speak in riddles
For folklore’s tale
Of riches beyond
Our human scale
But what we know
Is just a drop
As I swim in its pale.

Why does the eath turn
And bees sting?
Why do the seas sigh
And humans sing?

There is no reason in perfection
or imperfection in its reason.

We come and go
Amongst the tides
As stories told
We are what lies.


Everyone has the ability to harness it,
everyone has the ability to access it,
and everyone’s lives, moments and seconds
can be instantly improved by it.


Everyone has the ability for it to take over
everyone has the ability to lose it,
and everyone’s lives, moments and seconds
can instantly be ruined by it.

So which perspective are you after?
Which perspective are you pointing your arrow toward?

There is honour in understanding,
but there is peace in perspective.

How do you access perspective?
The moments in between.
The moment between the action and the reaction.
The listening to your inner peace and letting go of your inner ego.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace?

Which part of yourself are you feeding?


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