And what is perfect? But a man-made concept, when it's the skies that dictate me.

A wayfarer’s nudge is incessant.Every need is soothed by a path that is mostly unknown.The road is their sanctuary, unneeding of answers.Perhaps proverbial, there is a calling they must meet.With feet as their guide, they set on the trail to bite into the adventure.Is a destination necessary when action is made, to answer innate freedom?The […]

Wayfarer’s Nudge

Why does the eath turnAnd bees sting?Why do the seas sighAnd humans sing? There is no reason in perfectionor imperfection in its reason. We come and goAmongst the tidesAs stories toldWe are what lies.


Sometimes,For writer’s sakeI am not what I mean.When you awakeAnd I am meWill you and I forsake?

Writer’s Sake//